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Deliver Business Services by Skill Level that Matter to your client.

Maximise Profits whilst Driving Client Performance Growth and Satisfaction.



Harness Deliverable Skill Level Capabilities of team members from Graduates to Partners.

Achievable realistic billable hours that clientele will be gratified to pay for - business services that matter.

Average time to perform each service is provided - subject to client size and complexity.

Benefits of each deliverable to provide a recognisable Return on Service Fees will be outlined for each topic to help with sell point.

Topics highlighted as single services or continuous/rolling services to the client.

Suited from SME to Large Practitioners, Professional Development skills that return results for the practice.

HR PD planning is key that we value and why we developed employee training directly aligned to skill levels to reduce time waste.

An extremely complex structure of workshop topics by each relevant skill level within the practice enables smart enrolment and time management for PD Planning.

Upsell opportunities outlined per Topic.

Course Structure – Series 1-2 only

The workshop is presented over a half day morning, that focusses on improving your Client’s ability to Report Efficiently.

A special 1st and 2nd series to see our Graduates introduced to Business Services that they are capable of performing, and that their client will benefit from, recognising the results when implemented.

The series will decrease customer time and cost, whilst establishing continuous work foundations:

• Series 1 and 2: 8:30 – 1:00pm
Tax Skill Level: Graduates Years 1 - 3

It is recommended that a Manager who will oversee the business services being introduced by graduates, would attend once to understand the opportunities available to their team.

Series 1 and 2 will be facilitated consecutively during this workshop with a 15 minute tea break in between.



Interactive worksheets will be supplied for your use to use within the workshop, providing you the opportunity to practice on your customer copy examples whilst taking additional notes if required.

Please bring your own device such as an iPad or laptop, mobile phones are not suitable devices.


Those who bring their client list for their private use throughout the day will be able to provide real-time assessment of services best suited to their clients. Registrants will receive an email prior to the workshop, outlining any client information to bring to the workshop, to perform your learnings during the workshop.  Client information will remain the property of your practice and for your private use during the workshop.


Upon participation and completion of the workshop you will be forwarded a Statement of Attainment to add to your CV portfolio and update your verifiable CPD hours.

Technology has changed the way that tax practices would offer services. Where it was once a given to seek bas services it is now simple quick and easy for majority of organisations to perform their own bas and lodge all from their accounting software. Practitioners now must think outside the box to offer business services to clients to continue their performance growth. 


This course provides you the practitioner with a plethora of strategic business partnering services your organisation can provide, from graduate to principal. direction of your organisation. 

The complexity of delivering workshops by skill level whilst reducing practice training costs, provides a unique series that varies in duration subject of the session attended. Sessions vary from two hours upward dependant on the topic. 

Who will this Benefit?

Tax agencies seeking to expand into or provide best alignment of their business services division. Graduates to Partners would benefit greatly. Sessions state which skill level each is suited to for ease of enrolment.


Graduates at Year 0 may attend, however the ability to understand client information is not ordinarily at a level understood, unless prior work experience outside of taxation has occurred. Registration eligibility is upon the tax practice approving the registrant.

Attendees must be proficient in reading, writing, speaking and listening in English at an Academic IELTS assessed score of 7.0 or above.

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