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CFO Reporting

8 Oct | 9 Oct | 22 Nov

  • Starts 8 Oct
  • 2,583 Australian dollars
  • Perth

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Workshop Description

Focus Areas 3,4,6: Business Performance Management, Measures that Matter, Sustainability ESG & Risk. *Bookings Close 31 August 2024 This course combines key aspects of the fundamental Reporting for CFO's that drives performance growth, managing through the measures that matter, increasing risk management awareness and approaching sustainable reporting with responsibly. Learning Outcomes: 3. Redefining Business Performance Management. Metrics to Increase Reporting Efficiencies, Accuracy, Data Capitalisation and Minimise Costly Numeracy Fraud. - Implement streamlined Reporting and Accurate Forecasting. - Develop effective Budgeting and Scenario Modelling. - Measure CFO Reporting Effectiveness. - Strategically develop Executive Remunerative Reporting. - Manage Team Remunerative Performance whilst minimising fraudulent results. - Discuss Skilled Immigration Visa worker gains and risks from a CFO perspective. 4. Managing through the Measures that Matter. Developing and Presenting Effective Business Performance Metrics and Reporting: - Improve KPI metrics for meaningful board and management reporting. - Develop advanced CFO Presentation Skills. - Drive Performance value growth with the CFO Reporting Scorecard. - Understand the CFO's relevance to Governance and Board Reporting. - Demonstrate Reporting to Management and the Executive. - Establish CFO Analytic Effectiveness. 6. Sustainability, ESG and Risk Management Reporting. CFO reporting for Sustainability, ESG and Risk including Strategic Risk Management: - Navigate Sustainability Reporting through to ESG reporting and associated Taxes. - Develop robust Risk Management Strategies, including Cyber Risk Management. - Examine Cyber Security Strategy for Risk Management. - Understand Internal Audits Role in Cyber Security. - Report using the proven CIMA Strategic Risk Scorecard. - Learn how to Manage Risks and Sustain operations during a crisis to increase business survival. - Practice good Financial Lending Preparedness for your organisation. Upon completion of this course, you will possess the skills and knowledge necessary to report efficiently, effectively and streamline reporting processes. You will have learnt how a CFO's role in Risk is applied during modern times and the journey through sustainable accountability will provide you the ability to strategically plan for current and future requirements.

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Please refer to our T&C's for more information on cancellation, substitutes for bookings, and full refund policy.

Contact & Location of Course

  • Perth

    Cliftons Perth, Parmelia House, Saint Georges Terrace, Perth WA, Australia

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