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CFO of the Future: Managerial Level

4 Micro Series

  • Starts 30 Jul
  • 4,185 Australian dollars
  • Melbourne

Workshop Description

CFO Micro Series: 1,3,4,5: Leadership, BPM, Measures that Matter, Strategic Revenue and Cost Management Principles. *Bookings Close 5 July 2024 This comprehensive course integrates four pivotal areas of expertise essential for CFO Management. Learning Outcomes: 1. Leading a Champion CFO Team: - Develop advanced CFO Leadership Skills. - Understand and define the CFO's role and its critical contributions to Stakeholders. - Construct a pathway to becoming a Strategic, Best-in-Practice CFO. - Distinguish the differences between a Winning CFO Team and a Finance Team. - Build a robust CFO support structure to serve as an impactful Finance Business Partner. - Gain insights from Leading CFOs on how the role has evolved post-pandemic. 3. Redefining Business Performance Management: - Implement streamlined Reporting and Accurate Forecasting. - Develop effective Budgeting and Scenario Modelling. - Measure CFO Reporting Effectiveness. - Strategically develop Executive Remunerative Reporting. - Manage Team Remunerative Performance whilst minimising fraudulent results. - Discuss Skilled Immigration Visa worker gains and risks from a CFO perspective. 4. Managing through the Measures that Matter: - Improve KPI metrics for meaningful board and management reporting. - Develop advanced CFO Presentation Skills. - Drive Performance value growth with the CFO Reporting Scorecard. - Understand the CFO's relevance to Governance and Board Reporting. - Demonstrate Reporting to Management and the Executive. - Establish CFO Analytic Effectiveness. 5. CFO as the Strategic Revenue and Strategic Cost Manager: - Gain a comprehensive understanding of Pricing and its' Pricing Effects. - Spearhead a thorough Pricing Strategy, Price Methodologies, Price Positioning, and Operations. - Control costs effectively, including marketing, leasing and capital. - Identify hidden costs and learn of Operational cost methods for services and products. - Manage Economics in Accounting and make well informed decisions. - Utilise Customer Profitability Analysis and other Critical tools, such as the latest Customer Value Management Matrix. Upon completion of this course, you will possess the comprehensive skills and knowledge necessary to Manage, Champion and Lead as a modern CFO.

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Contact & Location of Course

  • Melbourne

    Cliftons Melbourne - Freshwater Place, Southbank Boulevard, Southbank VIC, Australia

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