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CFO of the Future: Executive Level

Full 6 Micro Series

  • Starts 3 Sept
  • 6,042 Australian dollars
  • Perth

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Workshop Description

Focus Areas ALL: Full Series #1-6 : CFO Executive Level This comprehensive course integrates six pivotal areas of expertise essential for leading CFO's. *Closing 31 July Learning Outcomes: 1. Leading a Champion CFO Team: - Develop advanced CFO Leadership Skills. - Understand and define the CFO's role and its critical contributions to Stakeholders. - Construct a pathway to becoming a Strategic, Best-in-Practice CFO. - Distinguish the differences between a Winning CFO Team and a Finance Team. - Build a robust CFO support structure to serve as an impactful Finance Business Partner. - Gain insights from Leading CFOs on how the role has evolved post-pandemic. 2. CFO Driving Corporate Strategy: - Enhance Performance Growth with Visionary Strategies specific to CFOs. - Drive Business Valuation and Capitalise on Transformative Disruption Opportunities. - Master Strategic Planning from short-term to long-term Corporate Positioning. - Implement the CFO breakthrough technique of Strategic Thinking Positioning. 3. Redefining Business Performance Management: - Implement streamlined Reporting and Accurate Forecasting. - Develop effective Budgeting and Scenario Modelling. - Improve Reporting Effectiveness and minimise fraud costs. 4. Managing through the Measures that Matter: - Improve KPI metrics for meaningful Board and Management Reporting. - Develop Advanced CFO Presentation Skills. - Drive Performance Growth with our CFO Reporting Scorecard. - Understand the CFO's relevance to Governance and Board reporting. 5. CFO as the Strategic Revenue and Strategic Cost Manager: - Gain a comprehensive understanding of Pricing Strategy, Methodologies, Positioning, and Operations. - Control costs effectively, including marketing, leasing and capital. - Utilise Customer Profitability Analysis and other Critical tools, such as the latest Customer Value Management Matrix. 6. Sustainability, ESG and Risk Management: - Navigate sustainability reporting and the latest ESG reporting. - Develop robust risk management strategies, including cyber risk management. - Learn how to manage risks and sustain operations during a crisis to increase business survival. Upon completion of this course, you will possess the comprehensive skills and knowledge necessary to Champion and Lead as a modern CFO, drive strategic growth, and effectively navigate the complexities of modern business environments.

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Please refer to our T&C's for more information on cancellation, substitutes for bookings, and full refund policy.

Contact & Location of Course

  • Perth

    Cliftons Perth, Parmelia House, Saint Georges Terrace, Perth WA, Australia

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