Strategic Value Added Services

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Technology has changed the way that tax practices would offer services. Where it was once a given to seek bas services it is now simple quick and easy for majority of organisations to perform their own bas and lodge all from their accounting software. Practitioners now must think outside the box to offer business services to clients to continue their performance growth. 


This course provides you the practitioner with a plethora of strategic business partnering services your organisation can provide, from graduate to principal. direction of your organisation. 

The first part in a series of 2 workshops will allow you to further your practice business development growth.

Progress your practice from the unique experience we harness of what your customer needs and wants to how your practice can deliver successfully. 

Earn up to 6 CPD hours.

Course Structure - Series 1

The course is conducted during one day, that entails five modules:

  • Redefining budgeting, forecasting and closing

  • Business Growth Measures That Matter to your client

  • Strategic operational partnering

  • Reporting Measures that Matter

  • Finance and risk management partnering projects

You will be issued with your handbook however should you wish to take additional notes, please bring your own device such as an iPad or laptop. Mobile phones are not suitable devices.


Those who bring their client list for their private use throughout the day will be able to provide real-time assessment of services best suited to their clients.


Upon participation and completion of the workshop you will be forwarded a statement of attainment to add to your CV portfolio.

Who will this Benefit?

Tax agencies seeking to expand into or provide best alignment of their business services division. Practitioners and tax agents would benefit greatly. Attendees need to be at mid manager or higher to benefit.

Attendees must be proficient in reading and writing in English.

Conference Presenter

Sandra Calvert


Professional Director

Sandra Calvert's professional background has harnessed her diverse industry exposure and roles as; presenter, facilitator, mentor, author, business coach, director, and CFO coach and mentor. Sandra has expanded her desire to share her knowledge to you in practice, to deliver more aligned business value added services.


Delivering Finance, CFO and Practice workshops in addition to many years of industry experience has enabled a unique insight to ascertain what many clients want from their practitioner that can add value to their business whilst adding value to your practice. Consideration of practice roles led her to create a uniquely tailored workshop with varying services to be provided from graduate to senior partner. Harnessing years of finance experience in multinationals to SMEs, in addition to Sandra and John Petty’s practice experience, enables real-time interactive engagement to confidentially work through delegate’s client scenarios toward increased services.