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The course offers 7 short modules each averaging 20 minutes. Included with each workshop you will receive interactive pdf worksheets supplied to download at each level.

Cost: $299 AUD inc. GST (via secure PayPal)

Charge is for the full Finance Business Partnership Workshop Series.


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The bonus Debt Collection workshop link will be forwarded to you upon completion of the series. 

Please note the only option available to watch the workshops, runs every 15 minutes 24/7. This is the closest real-time experience we can provide you whilst retaining security for yourself and the course.


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Offering a unique opportunity to build the current and future leaders of finance teams, this workshop is tailored for you to apply immediately within your organisation to be the best finance business partner, whilst preparing you to best support your CFO. As the founder of the international award leading CFO of the Future Series, we designed this course to increase the skills of those that the CFO relies upon most, you in the finance team.

We understand that your time is valuable, so we have structured the most crucial elements into a workshop to suit your lifestyle. Experience the workshop 24/7 anytime that suits you to benefit from greater learning outcomes in your own environment. Experienced learning is the key to basic fundamentals of any role. Gain the advantage over your peers whilst accelerating your career growth

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The Learnings
Today’s dynamic rapidly evolving technologies are having a major impact on finance teams. We provide insights of finance team profiling evolving into the best team that is disruptive ready.
Finance Business Partners are valued within an organisation that assist in driving performance growth whilst supporting the CFO. Learn how to be the best finance business partner for your organisation.


Leading teams through the measures that matter within the team you will learn key tools to enable fast decision making. The workshop finishes with a focus on finance systems including blockchain and overall systems risk planning.

Career Pathway
The course is designed to provide you with a key insight to assist your career growth by guiding you through the pathways toward being the best business partner.


This course creates the fundamentals required to proceed toward the Finance Manager and then the CFO or Head of Finance.

Who Will This Benefit

We understand the evolving demands placed on finance teams and the need to continually upskill. This workshop would benefit all persons in the finance team who perform general finance duties up to and including first-level management who aspire to lead their teams.
It also has some great insights for Finance Managers to brush up on their skills whilst honing their subordinates.
Attendees need to be proficient in reading and writing in English.

Conference Presenter

Sandra Calvert


Professional Director

Sandra has expanded her desire to share her knowledge through the development of the Finance Business Partnering Workshops. Harnessing years of finance experience in multinationals to SMEs, has enabled this successful workshop that was conducted in-house, to be experienced on the global stage.


Sandra has expanded her desire to share her knowledge through the Coachability workshops including the CFO of the Future Series formerly hosted through CAANZ, CPAA and In-House. Such capabilities draw upon her years of finance experience in multinationals down to SMEs, harnessing her unique ability to recognise problems, deliver solutions, that drive performance growth.