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40% OFF! Limited time only. Head over to Adelaide to warm up for the AFL Magic Round whilst gaining CPD hours. Leading edge CFO knowledge and insights training for current and future CFO’s.

11-12 APRIL 2023


In a dynamic transformative business world, the demand on a CFO has never been greater. To provide the financial leadership in your organisation requires a greater business partner who influences the strategic direction of your organisation. Your critical role requires more than financial focus, with a greater ability to provide real-time insights that drive positive growth in any economic environment.
We understand that your time is valuable, so we have condensed a full series from an equivalent 6 days held over 6 months, into an intensive two day snapshot. Experienced learning is the key to basic fundamentals of any role. In this CFO Workshop you will progress your skills whilst networking in a supportive environment toward your future CFO role. 

Today's dynamic rapidly evolving technologies are having a major impact on organisations placing great pressure on the CFO to demand high level skills. Upon successful completion of the CFO workshop, you will be able to:

  • Apply technical skills and leadership management immediately within your organisation.

  • Develop finance teams and interpret financial architecture and blockchain for real-time reporting and improved business partnering.

  • Develop best practice tools and techniques applied by leading CFOs.

  • Apply strategic tools to provide business analytical insights using performance metrics for improved meaningful communicative reporting upstream and downstream.

  • Redefining budgets, forecast and closing systems that integrate and drive team performance.

  • Identify risk and apply risk management with consideration of integrated sustainability reporting.

Who will this Benefit?
Our profession demands it and the emerging technologies require us, the current and future CFO’s to be at the top of our game. Finance Managers, Financial Controllers and current CFO's would benefit greatly. Attendees are recommended to be at the FC or FM level to benefit.
Attendees must be proficient in reading, writing, speaking and listening in English at an Academic IELTS minimum assessed score of 8.5.

Course Structure
The course is conducted over two days, that entails six modules:

  • Evolution and insights of a CFO to Lead a Performance Driving Team

  • CFO as the Corporate Strategist and Business Partner

  • Redefining Budgeting, Forecasting and Management Reporting

  • Managing through the Measures That Matter

  • CFO as Strategic Revenue and Strategic Cost Manager

  • Sustainability, ESG and Risk Management Reporting

A digital handbook is available to assist your real-time note taking and provide interactive worksheets and note-taking for your personal use. Please bring your own device such as an iPad or laptop, devices are not supplied.
Upon participation and completion of the workshop you will be forwarded a Statement of Attainment to add to your CV portfolio.